Freshmen: College Checklist

smiling teen

When it comes to college, there are so many questions, how do I apply for college, what do I need to do to prepare and the list goes on. Below is a checklist for Freshmen.

  • Develop good study habits. This will be vital throughout high school and college.
  • Your high school GPA begins your freshman year.
  • Think about career opportunities and research how much education is required for each job.
  • Get to know your teachers, counselors and coaches.
  • Meet with your Guidance Counselor to discuss your career and college goals and develop a four-year high school plan to achieve your goals.
  • File important documents such as report cards and honors or awards.
  • Make a list of school or community activities in which you participate, including both volunteer and paid work you have performed. Take time to write descriptions of what you did and skills you used and gained.
  • Remember, colleges care about what classes you took while in high school. The better you do in high school the more choices you will have when you are deciding where to go to college!
  • Read, read, read!