Middle School: Preparing For College

middle school student

Get Ready…

Even if you are not sure what your future holds, prepare as if you will be going to college. What you will learn will help you get the very most from life. You might change your mind several times about the type of job you want to have. Changing your mind is not a problem – but not having a plan could create one.

There are many important things you can do now to set yourself on the right path for college preparation:

1) Know your strengths and weaknesses! There will be many challenges ahead, so make life a little easier by identifying difficult academic subject areas. Be sure to get help from your Teachers - they are pros in what they teach.

2) Read, read, read! This isn't a joke... Reading improves vocabulary, increases writing skills and expands the imagination.

3) Get involved early! Extracurricular activities are very beneficial to students. In the short term, students gain important skills like effective communication, initiative and leadership, time management. In the long term, students collect diverse experiences and become shaped as an individual. Students should find something they love and DIVE IN!

You are now on the journey to college!