Sophomores: College Checklist

I want to be a police officer

When it comes to college, there are so many questions, how do I apply for college, what do I need to do to prepare and the list goes on. Below is a checklist for the Sophomores.

  • Take the PLAN or PSAT. These are versions of the ACT and SAT and are good practice and early indicators of how you are doing and what may need your attention.
  • Establish good time management skills. Talk to parents, counselors, teachers and coaches about how you can improve.
  • Keep a folder and list of your accomplishments, awards, extracurricular/volunteer activities and leadership positions. This will help when filling out job or scholarship applications and writing your resume.
  • Continue your college search. Talk to college students or recent college graduates who you know and ask them about their college experience.
  • Challenge yourself in your class choices! What you do now will affect where you go to college!
  • Visit college web sites, attend local college fairs, collect college literature and talk to your parents, counselors, teachers and coaches about your college ambitions.
  • Begin locating and understanding sources of financial aid particularly scholarships.
  • Read, read, read!