Parents: Preparing Your Child

preparing your child

The involvement of parents and families in their children's education helps develop more successful students at all levels of education. Students with involved parents are more likely to have good attendance, perform better in classes and on tests, enroll in more challenging classes, have fewer social problems, graduate and go on to college.

No age is too young to start preparing your children for college. Take a look at this Legacy Scholars resource to get an idea of ways you can promote college to your children.

Now, in getting your child prepared for college, here is a list of very important things to read through and consider:

College Checklists:

You may also want to review what your child will need to do when Applying to College.

The Department of Treasury Office of Student Scholarships and Grants has issued a comprehensive guidebook to preparing to college. Prepare to choose a college and plan financially.

Lastly here are some documents that you and your child will need to review: